Standard Bull Terrier -Ellis
Future Star - Pi Pi Lu
New Beauty Puppies - at August

About the quality of the puppies

Our kennel, all kinds of dogs for reproduction in a dog breeding of good blood. Congenital pedigree and the day after tomorrow is superior living conditions, strong basis for breeding high quality puppies.
All kinds of dogs are I grew up raised, like a childish love them. So they each physiological cycles, I are care reproductive cycle. Puppies from the moment of birth, and it "s parents and I live together. Their diet, exercise, wash and dress, health care is by myself; They each physiological changes during the period of the master and the cultivation of good character and are slowly accumulated in our muscles.
About the puppy owner
If you want to have my breed puppies, you must meet the following conditions:
1. You are a pure pet lovers, not for the purpose of profit and select the varieties of breeders.
2. Do you have a stable income and good family environment, suitable for its survival.
3. Can you ensure that its enjoy the sunlight, exercise,
4. After you are calm, really like and understand the characteristics of the variety, decided to buy the puppy. Dog is spiritual, there is life, don "t because on impulse, the pursuit of fashion or other adverse factors and hasty decisions. Have to be responsible for it "s life, never give up.
If you do not meet the above conditions, you will not have my puppy.
Resolute don "t consider selling the purchase crowd:

1. No source of income of the crowd;
2. The bull terrier is used as the fighting crowd;
3. If you are ignorant of 100% think the dog will carry the toxoplasma gondii, now pregnant, or ready to children, the elderly people against
4. Allergic constitution
If you meet the above conditions, you will not have my puppy.
Booking and sell on the puppy

1 each only sell puppies, 10 weeks of healthy purebred dogs, completed three insect repellent, vaccine of inject three times.
2. According to the origin and quality, distinguish between the price of the puppy.
Regarding the sale of the puppy form:

After the puppies are born

People need to pay 50% deposit, after waiting for puppies to 10 weeks, pay the balance. If you do not pay the balance, we think to give up to buy, the deposit is not refundable.

Full payment forms

Puppies and 10 weeks after vaccination, to direct sales, full payment.